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The aluminum pergola is a cover that can be installed in the garden. It is mainly used to create a sheltered area where you can have lunch. The choice of aluminum is not accidental because this material offers excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and good durability over the years. Aluminum can also be worked by also adhering to particular shapes. The most chosen colors are white and gray, but nothing prevents you from being able to orient yourself even on bright shades. The aluminum pergola it can also be equipped with a side closure. In this way the customer has the possibility to use the pergola even during the coldest periods. The closing systems can be completely opened and this allows the pergola during the summer to be completely surrounded by greenery.


The aluminum pergola it can be made of any size. It therefore adapts to the space that the customer has available. It requires absolutely no special maintenance or cleaning. It is fixed to the ground just like the other pergolas considered classic. Aluminum is a material that goes quite well with modern-style gardens, because it is essential and rather rigorous in its appearance. The covering of an aluminum pergola can be made with various materials, it depends above all on the customer's needs. Many decide to prefer a transparent solution, others instead of something opaque. The choice is really wide and the aluminum pergola fits both the free version and the leaning one. The use of the aluminum pergola can also be related to the covering of an area dedicated to the swimming pool with hydromassage. If this space was not covered, it could not be used throughout the year so, when creating the structure of the pergola, you must also think about the heating system. Aluminum is a rather versatile material that is used in garden furniture structures and is also perfectly combined with the use of other materials used for furnishing accessories.

How to choose it

The aluminum pergola must be chosen taking into account the space in which it will be installed. Its size in a rather small space must be proportional to everything else, in order to be able to divide the various areas of the garden adequately. On the other hand, when a rather large space is available, this problem does not arise, the customer can personally determine the size of his pergola. The choice in the shop takes place among the models on display and you also have the possibility to order your pergola directly from the catalog. By checking the pergola on display, the customer will actually realize its size and will already have an idea of ​​what the effect it will have in their garden will be. The version of aluminum pergola closed laterally can be purchased directly or you can decide to have this greater privacy later. Should you decide for this second solution, it is advisable to always create an aluminum structure with a series of windows that can be completely opened. Alternatively, the lateral closing structure can be made with curtains which in any case guarantee greater privacy and during the summer they are also able to effectively keep insects away from the dining area.

Where to buy

The aluminum pergola can be purchased at stores that sell outdoor furniture structures, in DIY stores, in centers specialized in aluminum processing. The cost of an aluminum pergola depends above all on its size. To get an idea, you need to go directly to a store with the measurements relating to the size of the pergola to get a general indication. The times of realization of the pergola always depend on the model chosen. If the model of aluminum pergola you want is on display in the shop, it is delivered directly and the assembly could be borne by the company. The aluminum pergola can also be used as a shelter for cars and this ensures that during the winter this space does not remain unused. Those who choose the lean-to version of the aluminum pergola have the opportunity to create a large area with a winter garden only by purchasing a side closure, in order to make the most of this space. The Internet is an alternative to the traditional shop, quite useful for realizing the many models that are on the market and also offers the possibility of purchasing directly online.

Pergolas and garden sheds: Aluminum pergolas for your case

Are you not a lover of aesthetics, but do you pay more attention to the point when it comes to decorating your green corner? Then within this section, completely dedicated to pergolas, you will find many of the answers you were looking for. The reason? We are also focusing on specific product categories, as in the case of aluminum pergolas.

It is a solution for those who conceive these roofs above all as a way to cover themselves from bad weather conditions, rain in the first place. Even from a stylistic point of view, however, we are talking about a solution that does not differ much from that represented by wooden pergolas. In short, an idea that really has several pros and a few cons.

Aluminum pergola awnings for garden and terrace

The awnings pergola, are ideal for the garden or for the terrace, enhance the outdoor spaces recreating a refined and trendy location. Tents.Online is the first portal dedicated to awnings, it helps you in choosing and buying new ones pergola awnings for the garden, protecting it from sun but also rain and wind.

In the height of summer, when the sun beats down terrace or garden of your home, we can say that the time has really come to install an awning that prevents you from barricading yourself at home during the hottest hours.
Tents.Online offers several models of aluminum pergolas, Lucia for example, it has a contemporary and trendy style, with a single sheet cover in fireproof PVC, motorized as standard.

Complete of eaves for it unloading ofwater rainwater and achievable with one or more modules to cover also big dimensions.
Lucia it can be installed with a minimum width of 100 cm and a maximum of 1200 cm, with depths from 100 to 500 cm.

Among the aluminum pergolas the model Emmainstead, it is the answer to those who want to extend their building outdoors by creating new covered areas, specially designed to lengthen spaces. It is made with stretched cloth (minimum width 100 cm, max 1200 cm, minimum depth 100 cm, max 600 cm) and provides a protective barrier in every season, filters the heat, blocks the cold. Composed by increased profiles, engine is unloading of rainwater.

Among the pergolas for the garden, for lovers of comfort there is Gaia with motorized cover, protects outdoor environments and gives more space to live in the garden or on the terrace.

Made in aluminum: minimum width 100 cm and max 1200 cm, minimum depth 100 cm and max 500 cm is ideal where it is not possible to install a classic pergola awning because it is fixed only to the wall, thanks to the support of arches that guarantee stability and give a considerable aesthetic touch.

You can do so many things with one awning, carve out a shady corner outdoors in which to enjoy the air and the light or add an element of style strong and recognizable.

Aluminum pergolas - Valdagno

Bioclimatic Pergolas Italia also operates in the municipality of Valdagno in the province of Vicenza

Discovering modern adjustable aluminum pergolas

There are more and more people who want to be able to give a modern, minimal and elegant atmosphere to their gardens, balconies and terraces. To succeed in this undertaking, it is important to consider aluminum as a material for creating adequate coverage. Yes, the aluminum pergolas they are undoubtedly the ideal material for a modern and fascinating covering.

The latest generation aluminum pergolas

For some years now it has been possible to ask specialized firms to build modern aluminum pergolas with adjustable blades. That is, the slats positioned on the roof can be oriented according to the sun's rays. In this way it is possible to always create a shaded area, so that you can enjoy your garden at any time of the day, even in the height of summer. As you can see, it is therefore not just an aesthetic choice, but also a functional choice.

The beauty of these pergolas is that if you wish they can also be equipped with walls, also with adjustable slats. This offers the possibility of obtaining a lot of shade even when the sun's rays arrive obliquely. Every moment of the day is the right one to be outdoors! The walls still allow the natural light of the sun to pass through, and also the breeze if it is present.

The aluminum pergolas of the latest generation with adjustable slats allow you to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed flawlessly even in the middle of winter. In fact, the slats close hermetically, so as to leave the cold, rain and snow out of the pergola!

Modern aluminum pergolas, also pay attention to the decor

If you are looking for a modern and charming aesthetic result, you must obviously pay attention to the furniture you choose for your pergola. We advise you to opt for furniture with minimal and geometric lines, so as to create the right dose of elegance. Choose neutral colors, never too bright. This is because with the latest generation pergolas you can leave your furniture in this space even in winter. It is therefore better to avoid colors that are too bright, vitamin and solar. We recommend that you also bring electricity and heating under your pergola, so as to transform it into a more than pleasant environment.

Other elements for a modern, minimal and elegant garden

An impeccably furnished aluminum pergola certainly allows you to give life to gardens, balconies or terraces with a modern and elegant flavor. However, in a garden it is also necessary to pay attention to many other details, if you want to avoid ruining these atmospheres.

First of all the lighting, which must be realized with spotlights and with a cold light. It is also possible to opt for small light points to be scattered in the rest of the outdoor space, which are of great design. Vases with backlighting, as well as statues, are a more than excellent choice! Alternatively, simple pedometers for paths.

The greenery must also be excellently cared for. The lawn must be cut very close. The flower beds must be geometric and precise in an almost maniacal way, as well as the hedges. Each element must be in harmony with all the others, so as not to create out of tune, so that it is possible to give a feeling of peace and well-being.

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The versatility of the aluminum structure of the retractable pergolas makes them able to integrate perfectly into any context, with ease, lightness and a natural elegance.

All aluminum or wood pergolas can be completed with LASP accessories:

  • Perfect for the garden are the Spalto wooden platforms for the ground that integrate perfectly into a natural environment
  • Surrounded by greenery, in the evening, you can decide the intensity of the lighting of your retractable pergola with Luxy LEDs
  • Warm up your space with HeatWave LASP electric heaters on the coldest evenings. An atmosphere of full relaxation is guaranteed

Close the sides of the pergolas completely with EasyGlass transparent sliding windows to not give up the landscape or with Vertical-Tex PVC roller shutter side closures in the transparent or opaque version for greater privacy.

Aluminum pergolas

Among the outdoor solutions there are aluminum pergolas with PVC fabric. These are structures with an essential design, made of aluminum, which are completed with a PVC folding awning with excellent performance. A qualified response to the needs of architects and designers who wish to offer a different opportunity to use gardens, terraces and city roofs, as well as restaurants, bars and typical hospitality structures.

United by essential lines, they are characterized by advanced technology and to allow a lot of flexibility in the design phase thanks to replicable modules. The versions can be self-supporting and thus also develop from scratch in a previously empty space, or have a wall attachment and become a valuable continuation of the home. The structure can be customized by choosing from thirty-eight colors that we make available after a careful study of design and fashion experts. Extraordinarily bright paints, which resist sun, humidity and salt. This is possible thanks to a state-of-the-art, in-house painting process, which operates without using any solvent and recovers almost 100% of the powders used.

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So why choose aluminum?

Aluminum pergolas are often preferred over other materials.

The wooden pergola, for example, despite being very pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, needs a lot of care given the low resistance of the wood, left to the elements. If you already know that you will not have the opportunity or the desire to dedicate yourself to the maintenance of your pergola, our advice is to choose a resistant material such as aluminum, which still allows you to create a structure with a modern and elegant.

The aluminum pergolas can be equipped with side, top, etc. closures. It all depends on the intended use and your needs. It is advisable to adopt opening closing systems, at least for what concerns the sides, this will allow you to take advantage of the pergola in any season.

An aluminum pergola can be significantly differentiated from all the other materials that we have seen in the pages of this site, due to a particularity. The Aluminum pergolas blend perfectly with automation. In fact, if you are anchored to the idea of ​​a resistant but rigid structure, know that today's solutions allow you to use your aluminum pergolas at any time of the year.

Many companies specialized in the production of aluminum pergolas in fact allow many aspects to be motorized. Let's start with the coverage:

The pergola cover can be positioned mechanically without any problem, so as to adjust the passage of light and air inside your pergola as needed. Not only that, there is the possibility of arranging the fabric with a degree of inclination sufficient to let the rain flow outwards, and allow you to stay comfortably under the aluminum pergola even in the bad weather days.

Some aluminum pearls with a slat roof can even “manage themselves”. In fact, by programming the ideal desired condition, thanks to some sensors, they are able to orient themselves independently and allow the passage of the right amount of air and light. In addition to what has been said so far, there is the possibility of adding heating systems, lighting is semi-removable closures to make the aluminum pergola a real home environment surrounded by greenery.

If you want to take a look at the best pergolas available online that we have selected, continue in the section below!

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