Using Garden Kneelers – What Is A Garden Kneeler For

Gardeningprovides moderate exercise, access to Vitamin D, fresh air, and a host of otherbenefits. Doctors recommend outdoor activities especially for disabledpersons or seniors.Using garden kneelers can make enjoying time outside easier and morepleasurable in the garden. What are garden kneelers? If you have arthritis,stiff joints, or even just want to simplify garden tasks, they can be your bestfriend.

What are Garden Kneelers?

If it is hard to get down on the ground to weed,harveststrawberries, or perform other gardening tasks, a garden kneeler might bethe perfect solution. What is a garden kneeler for? It helps lower the body tothe ground and provides a cushioned site for your knees. This makes any lowtask more comfortable and also keeps your pants out of the dirt. There are manytypes of garden kneelers to choose from, but the main purpose is the same.Style, color, and size are the major variances.

You don’t have to be getting older or have a disability towant a garden kneeler. These can be lightweight, fold up benches that provide alow seating space or flip over to offer a padded site for your knees. Best ofall, the legs of the bench, when flipped over, double as handrails to help raiseand lower from a kneeling position.

Some types of garden kneelers offer accessory tools andholders to make gardening even more comfortable. Another great benefit to theseproducts is that they can double as an extra seat around the campfire, a perchwhile bathing the kids, a stepstool to change the bird feeder, and much more.

How to Use a Garden Kneeler

Garden kneelers are personal assistance devices and have nospecific instructions on use. Every company’s product is built slightlydifferent with some kneelers in heavy duty plastic and others in metal, oftenpowder coated for long lasting durability. The pads differ as well. Some havemoisture resistant covers and the thickness of the padding can vary.

They come in a variety of colors and some companies offernumerous accessories such as attachable tool bags. Another key difference isthe weight restrictions. A few kneelers can accommodate up to 250 pounds (113kg.); however, this isn’t the case with all products and is importantinformation. The weight of the unit is also a key consideration.

You don’t have to go deluxe when using garden kneelers forcomfortable gardening. You can just get a garden pad that you move from spaceto space as you perform chores. These differ in color, pad thickness, size, andprice but are more economical than garden kneelers. However, if you have agarden kneeler, they have diverse products that make the unit even more useful.

Many offer tool bags that fit onto the handles. Others havebuckets or baskets that attach so you can gather produce. A few deluxe modelsoffer units with wheels so you don’t even have to get up every time you want tomove your kneeler. The market is varied and has something for every need andbudget.

How to Make Garden Kneelers & Seats

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Gardening is a very rewarding hobby, but it can also be tough on the knees and back. To make gardening chores like weeding and planting easier on your joints, build your own garden kneeler and seat. When working on your knees, use the kneeler to cushion your knees when you feel like taking a rest, simply flip the kneeler over to turn it into a seat. This reversible garden kneeler and seat is perfect for home use and it makes a great gift for gardeners.

Cut a piece of 1- by 10-inch hardwood to a length of 24 inches using a table saw. This board is the base for your garden kneeler and seat.

Use the table saw to cut four 12-inch lengths of 1- by 2-inch hardwood for the legs of your garden kneeler.

Sand the cut edges of the kneeler base and legs using fine-grain sandpaper.

Lay the kneeler base flat on the ground and stand the four 1- by 2-inch legs upright on top of the kneeler base, one in each corner. Arrange the legs so the 2-inch edges are aligned with the outside edge of the 24-inch sides of the kneeler base and the 1-inch edges are aligned with the outside edge of the 10-inch sides.

Drive nails from a nail gun at a downward angle through the table legs into the thickness of the kneeler base. This technique is called toenailing.

Flip the kneeler over, standing it on the four legs you just attached. Drive additional nails from the nail gun down through the kneeler base into the thickness of the 1- by 2-inch legs to secure them further. Flip the kneeler back over when finished.

Cut a piece of 1-inch foam to a length of 22 inches and a width of 8 inches using a pair of heavy-duty scissors.

Center the piece of foam on the base of the kneeler so it sits in between the four legs. Use a staple gun to attach the foam, inserting staples every 2 inches down the middle of the foam. Do not staple down the edges just yet.

Use the heavy-duty scissors to trim a piece of water-resistant fabric to the dimensions 26 by 12 inches.

Lay the piece of fabric over top of the foam you just attached to the kneeler and wrap the edges of the fabric under the foam cushion. Finish stapling the foam cushion to the kneeler base, placing staples every 2 inches along all four edges of the foam cushion.

  • To weatherproof your garden kneeler and seat, brush the wood with boiled linseed oil before adding the cushion. Allow the wood to soak up the oil for 10 minutes or so, then wipe away the excess and let the wood dry overnight.

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10 of the best garden kneelers

From wearable memory foam knee-pads to children’s ladybird kneeling mats, browse our selection of the best garden kneelers, below.

Garden Kneeler and Folding Seat Stool with Tool Bag

Great for working at different levels, this flips from a kneeler into a seat with ease so you can comfortably sit or kneel depending on your gardening task. It folds down flat for carrying and storage and has a bag attached to the frame so you’ll always have the tools you need close at hand.

Price: £24.99

Bosmere Garden Kneeling Mat

This simple mat is a colourful and great value way to garden in comfort. Made from expanded polyethylene, the mat helps to cushion your knees and is light and easy to carry around the garden.

Spear and Jackson Kew 5 Layer Garden Kneeler

Spear and Jackson’s hefty, five layers of padding moulds to your knees for improved support. Lined with neoprene, it is also water resistant and quick drying after cleaning, while the handle makes it simple to carry.

Auto Kneeler Pad

Designed for mechanical work and other heavy duty tasks, the Auto kneeler should be easily up to the jobs in your garden. Two impressions in the circular kneeler support your knees and its simple, round shape take ups minimum space, so it shouldn’t get in the way while you work.

Price: £14.99

V&A Morris Garden Kneeler

For fans of the art world, the V&A museum’s floral kneeler adds a touch of William Morris style to weeding and planting jobs. With an original wallpaper print design the kneeler has plenty of padding for knee support and a handy handle to carry it with.

Coleli Memory Foam Kneeling Pad

This comfortable, memory foam kneeling pad folds in half and zips up into a handy case making it easy to carry around and store after use. Made from waterproof diving fabric, it should withstand wear in the garden and provide a thick, year-round cushion for your knees while working.

Price: £26.79

RHS Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Kneeler

With a garden-inspired, bird print design from the Royal Horticultural Society this stylish, oval kneeling pad is made from memory foam for added comfort. It’s waterproof, with a quick-dry nylon coating so if wet soil gets it damp, it’ll be ready to use again in no time.

Price: £18.74

Thick Kneeling Pad

This simple rectangular kneeling pad is thick enough for comfort and it avoids water absorption while drying quickly, so it’s great for using on soggier afternoons. It’s easy to wipe clean and the simple pop out handle and light weight make it easy to carry around.

Kneelo Memory Foam Knee Pads

Rather than carrying a keeling mat around the garden, why not try wearable knee pads instead? Made from memory foam and neoprene to help keep them warm and dry you simply attach a pad around each knee for ready-to-go support.

Price: £14.68

Children’s Burgon & Ball RHS Dotty Kneelo

This bright, ladybird kneelo is just the thing for gardening children and will add a bit of fun to their weekend planting and weeding. It’s small and light enough for little hands to carry and will help keep their knees supported while they get their hands dirty.

Best Knee Pads and Kneelers for Gardening

Aches and pains be gone! We’ve created a list of the best knee pads, cushions and garden kneelers to help you prevent knee pain while you work in the garden. Did we miss any of your favorites? If so, leave a comment and tell us so that others can know!

Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads

If you just need a little something between you and the cold, hard ground, this will do the trick. The external shell is moisture-proof, so you can kneel in these without worrying about moisture soaking through. These pads sport a single Velcro strap, so they may or may not stay precisely where you want them.

Brutus Washable Knee Pads

These are an all-around solid choice for soft and comfortable knee pads. Durable enough for general gardening use, they feature two Velcro straps to secure around your knees. Some Amazon users remark that the Velcro doesn’t last as long as the pads themselves do.

Troxell USA Super Soft Knee Pads

Troxell’s super soft knee pads are just that: extra squishy and soft to keep your knees comfortable. They may not stay in place as much as other pads, as they only have a single Velcro strap, but they are certainly near the top for cushion comfort. They have three size options: regular, large, and extra-large.

DeWalt Heavy Duty Knee Pads

With a PVC outer shell, DeWalt’s heavy duty knee pads provide both the comfort and durability needed for your gardening endeavors. These pads sport slip-buckle fasteners that may last longer than Velcro.

Thunderbolt Gel Cushion & Anti-Slip Strap Knee Pads

Thunderbolt’s knee pads are a little more durable than some knee pads, with a soft gel inner padding for extra comfort. They feature anti-slip straps to keep the pads secure throughout use. Extending straps for larger legs are also included.

NoCry Heavy Duty Clip Fasten Knee Pads

These pads from NoCry have thousands of positive reviews. They are the highest rated pads and may provide the best bang for your buck! With two straps and buckle clip fasteners, you can be confident they will stay securely in place compared to many other pads. NoCry acknowledges a decreasing issue with attachment rivets popping off, but do say they will send a replacement immediately if you notify them of the issue.

Knee Pro Ultra-Flex Knee Pads

If your garden floor is made of rocks or something that requires extreme durability, Knee Pro’s pads have a hard-plastic outer shell, but are flexible at the joint. The small hooks where the clips fasten may not stand up to long-term wear and tear very well, but users say the pads come with an extra replacement hook as well.

RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

Instead of knee pads, consider a kneeling surface like RED Home Club’s thick kneeling pad. It has over a thousand positive reviews and is a cost-effective option for those not looking to spend too much on a solution for their knees.

Bennett Design Group Knee n’ Back Pad

With overwhelming positive reviews, Bennett Design Group’s Knee n’ Back Pad can’t be beat when it comes to kneeling surfaces! Its raised height helps keep your knees from getting down in the muck of the garden. Also, it doesn’t absorb water and is resistant to a host of dirty things within and without the garden like dirt, oil, and other contaminants.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat

Doubling as both a kneeling surface and seat when you flip it over, Ohuhu has created a gardening tool all its own. It folds up for compact storage and even features little pouches for stowing tools!

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