Watch Chain


Crassula muscosa f. variegata (Watch Chain)

Crassula muscosa f. variegata (Watch Chain) is a small succulent plant with tiny, variegated light green and creamy leaves, densely packed…

Creating a Rain Chain

Rain chains can be purchased and come in a variety of shapes and are simple to install, but creating a rain chain as a DIY project is satisfying and no doubt cheaper. You can use most anything that can be strung together, such as key rings or shower rings.

First link all the rings together into a long chain. Then, thread a length of metal wire through the chain to stabilize the chain and make sure the water flows downward.

Remove the downspout from the drain where you will hang the chain and slide a gutter strap over the opening. Hang the rain chain from the gutter strap and anchor it with a garden stake at ground level.

You can let the end of the chain dangle into a rain barrel or create a depression in the ground, lined with gravel or pretty stones that will allow the water to flow into. You can then embellish the area if you wish with plants suited to the area. That is, use drought-tolerant plants on the higher ground and those that love more moisture down in the depression where rainwater is collected (rain garden).

Thereafter, there is little maintenance to your rain chain other than checking the gutter for debris. In areas of severe winter cold or high winds, take the rain chain down to avoid damaging anything. A rain chain that is coated with ice can get heavy enough to damage the gutter as can a rain chain tossed around in heavy winds.

Watch Chain Succulent (Crassula Muscosa)

Think you’ve been blown away enough by what the succulent world has to offer? Think again. Each day brings a possibility of encountering another new (and fascinating) plant.

Today, our object of admiration is the Crassula muscosa, otherwise known by the common name watch chain. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yes? No?

It doesn’t matter – This piece will give all you need. The watch chain succulent is an interesting ornamental plant. You might want to consider adding it to your collection.

But before you make this decision, dive in below to and learn all that there is about it.

The Watch Chain succulent held by hand @evyesili


Pole beans come in many varieties, and all of them are wonderfully suited for growing on a fence. Beans will quickly clamber up any surface they find, and the open and airy design of the chain link fence will help to keep bean pests away and the beans clean and free of mud splashed while watering. Fresh beans can be planted and harvested throughout the season, and dried beans can be left on the fence until the entire plant dies, leaving nothing but bean husks to pick and shell.

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