How to choose entrance doors for a private house: evaluation criteria, materials of manufacture, recommendations, photos

Choosing an entrance door is not the easiest task, which not every homeowner can cope with, but not only the safety of property, but also the health of people living in the house will depend on the decision made. Therefore, the choice of the front door must be approached with full responsibility.

Criteria for choosing an entrance door for a house

The main functions of the front door are to ensure the safety and security of the property in the house. Therefore, when choosing an entrance door suitable for a country house or townhouse, you should take into account the many requirements that the product must meet.

Otherwise, the door leaf, not only will not be able to ensure the safety of property, and its service life will be several times lower than that of branded counterparts. This is unacceptable, especially if you are purchasing a door at a cost comparable to the products of well-known brands.

Entrance metal doors provide a high level of reliability, especially in comparison with wooden counterparts

The basic requirements that any entrance door must meet include the following:

  • size - the door leaf and frame must be made according to a certain standard (GOST 6629–88, SNiP 21–7), which provides for compliance with the dimensions of a typical doorway. At the same time, it is assumed that the size of the product may be slightly smaller than the size of the opening. This will allow the remaining space to be filled with insulating material or fixing compound. For non-standard doorways, doors are selected from special trade lines, which can often be found in many manufacturers;
  • structural reliability - the entrance door leaf must be made of high-quality materials, and all components used must comply with GOST and other regulatory documents. This ensures that the service life of the front door will correspond to the stated period. This criterion also includes the quality of hinges, locks and other fittings, because they not least affect the overall quality and reliability of the product;

    Metal-plastic entrance doors have high performance, but they are recommended to be installed only in houses located in well-guarded areas

  • burglary resistance - after installation, the door unit must reliably resist burglary using manual, electric and gas powered tools. According to statistics, most household entrance doors are opened using professional equipment in a maximum of 10-12 minutes. Taking this into account, the entrance door leaf must have a front paneling thickness of at least 3 mm. When using hardened steel grades, it is allowed to use cladding with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • insulation quality - in the manufacture of entrance doors, modern sound and heat insulation materials are used, which significantly reduce the amount of extraneous sound penetrating from the outside, and also reliably protect the interior of the house from cold penetration. When choosing a door, it is important to take into account that the thickness of the insulating material should not be less than 5 cm, and in the best case should be 7 cm or more;
  • exterior - the front door, in addition to its original function, is also an element of the exterior of the house, which, along with windows, facade decoration and lighting, affects the overall attractiveness of the building. Modern entrance doors of popular brands have a wide selection of colors and front decorative and protective panels, which significantly improve the appearance of the door leaf.

In fact, these are the main criteria, taking into account which, you can choose a high-quality and durable product. If desired, the list can be expanded to include the manufacturer's company, price segment and type of door accessory, but for most ordinary buyers this is enough. If necessary, you can always read people's reviews. They are easy to find on the Internet at specialized sites.

Features of the design of the door leaf

A frame metal door is the most commonly used type of door leaves, which are installed in private houses and country buildings of various configurations. The power frame structure provides rigidity and reliability of the door leaf, and the possibility of arranging several technological layers provides additional performance characteristics.

Any metal door has vertical or horizontal stiffening ribs

Before buying a door, we strongly recommend that you study the structure of the door leaf, as well as the materials and components used in the manufacture and assembly. This will allow for a more professional assessment of the doors sold, which is especially important for small towns, where the choice of products and outlets is extremely limited.

Wooden and metal-plastic doors are less reliable than their metal counterparts, so it is irrational to consider them as an entrance door. It makes sense to use wooden doors only as a street door when stylization is required for the facade of the building. In this case, the second door, for example, located in the vestibule, must necessarily be a metal door.

Reinforced-plastic door leaves are best used as doors on the second and subsequent floors of a building. For example, for access to an open or closed terrace.

Frame and cladding materials

Structurally, the entrance metal door consists of a supporting frame and a cladding, which is attached on both sides and is used to protect insulating materials and locking mechanisms. And also the cladding serves as a surface for applying and fixing decorative materials: paint, panels, mirrors.

For the manufacture of metal entrance doors, a profile pipe 40x25, 40x40, 40x50 mm and sheet steel are used, which is obtained during the hot or cold rolling method. The profile pipe is cut to the required dimensions into blanks of the appropriate length, which are welded into a single frame. Sometimes a steel corner or channel is used to create the frame.

The general installation of a metal entrance door from the budget segment

To strengthen the structure of the door leaf, stiffening ribs are used, which are vertical and horizontal elements welded at a certain pitch. In some models of doors, the ribs are welded both vertically and horizontally, and at an angle, which does not make it possible to bend the door leaf when breaking.

Hot rolled steel is more accessible and dark in color. Cold-rolled steel alloy is light and similar to an ordinary galvanized sheet, but its cost is noticeably higher. Only hot rolled steel is used for the production of cheap doors, which makes the products more susceptible to corrosion.

Doors from the middle and luxury segment use only cold-rolled alloys, which is the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio. Products, especially after appropriate paint or spray treatment, are resistant to moisture and low temperatures.

To determine what steel was used in the manufacture of the door, it is necessary to find the marking for compliance with GOST in the instructions. Cold-rolled steel corresponds to document No. 19903, and hot-rolled steel corresponds to No. 19904.

The main elements in the design of an entrance metal door include a lock system, hinges and surveillance

The thickness of the door trim is regulated in accordance with regulatory documents. In the Russian Federation, this is GOST 31173-2003, according to which the thickness of the front paneling of a metal door should not be less than 1.5 mm.

With this in mind, the following classification of metal doors by the thickness of the cladding can be distinguished:

  • 0.8–1.5 mm - products made in China or handicraft. They do not belong to the class of entrance doors, although the manufacturer marks this product as such. In fact, doors with cladding up to 1.5 mm are suitable for outbuildings or country houses, where, apart from furniture, dishes and garden tools, nothing more valuable is stored;
  • 1.6–2.5 mm - typical entrance doors with hot rolled sheet metal cladding. They are used as doors leading from the apartment to the driveway, corridor or vestibule for several apartments. Door leaves with cladding with a thickness of 2.5 mm can already be considered as a second entrance door to a private house, leading directly to the living room or hallway;
  • 2.6–4 mm is the optimal thickness of the cladding for outdoor entrance doors intended for use in private houses, cottages, mansions, etc. For houses where they do not live permanently, it is better to install doors with the maximum possible thickness. Especially if the building is located not in a suburban cooperative, but at some distance from other houses.

The greater the thickness of the products of the supporting frame and cladding, the greater the weight and cost of the door leaf. Moreover, the matter is not only in the final volume of the material used, but also in the assembly technology, which is necessary to create a reinforced door frame. In addition, a heavy door requires the use of high-quality and more expensive hinges. The standard weight of an entrance metal door varies from 50–70 kg, depending on the manufacturer.

Door frame, porches and platbands

The reliability of the front door depends not only on the rigidity, strength and massiveness of the door leaf, but also on the door frame, the quality of which directly affects the burglary resistance.

The door frame can have different shapes depending on the materials from which it is made, as well as the design of the door to be mounted.

The door frame can be made from the following items:

  • steel corner - from 50x50 mm. The wall thickness of the product is at least 3 mm. The door frame from the corner is the simplest and smallest, but it is practically not used when installing doors to an apartment due to its unreliability. This option is best used for outbuildings;
  • profile pipe - with a section of 40x25, 40x40, 50x25 mm and more. The more massive the door, the more durable the pipe is required to make the box. In contrast to the first option, the pipe box allows for full-fledged insulation, which increases the sound and heat insulation qualities of the door. More often this box is used in cases when you want to save as much as possible on door installation;
  • steel bent profile - bent-welded box made of a special profile made on bending machines. The wall thickness of the bent profile most often does not exceed 1.5 mm, since an increase in the thickness of the sheet significantly complicates the bending technology. Most often, this type of boxes is used when installing entrance doors to an apartment, where it is possible to expand the doorway.

Some types of entrance doors can be equipped with porches, which are most often characteristic of interior doors. The production of the porches is carried out at the stage of fastening the front cladding in the form of a sheet of metal. To create a vestibule, the sheathing size is increased so that a "rebate" is formed around the door perimeter, overlapping the joint between the door leaf and the frame.

For the manufacture of door platbands are used: solid wood, MDF, PVC, metal. The specific type of platbands is selected strictly at the request of the homeowner. Ideally, add-ons and trims match in color or contrast with it. The material of manufacture does not play a special role, but for street doors it is better to choose products made of metal or PVC - they are more durable.

Types of heaters used

The void in the frame of the entrance door between the cladding must be filled with some kind of insulating material. Doors from Chinese manufacturers use pressed cardboard or corrugated board, which does not differ in outstanding characteristics, which makes these doors completely unsuitable for use in houses located near a busy highway.

For insulation of budget metal doors, mineral wool is used in plates 5 cm thick

The following types of sound and heat insulating materials are used in branded doors from quality manufacturers:

  • felt (0.047 W / (m * K)) - natural insulation made of wool. It has excellent thermal insulation qualities, but is very hygroscopic, which requires the use of additional layers of reflective insulation;
  • mineral wool (0.048 W / (m * K)) is a traditional type of insulating material used both for insulating facades and walls of houses, and for insulating entrance doors. Like felt, mineral wool absorbs moisture, vapors and condensation well, which does not have the best effect on the durability of the front door;
  • expanded polystyrene (0.047 W / (m * K)) is a modern and modernized analogue of polystyrene used for insulation of various surfaces. It has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, does not absorb moisture, does not rot, which makes it one of the best materials for insulating door panels;
  • polyurethane foam (0.035 W / (m * K)) is a synthetic sound and heat insulating material with high insulating qualities. Perfectly fills free space, practically without forming "cold bridges", does not absorb moisture, does not rot, does not burn. It is the optimal material for door insulation.

When listing the materials, the thermal conductivity coefficient was indicated in brackets. In addition, insulation based on expanded polystyrene with a reflective foil surface is used as a vapor barrier material. The material is laid over the main insulator on both sides of the door.

It not only helps to increase the insulating qualities of the door leaf, but also significantly extends the service life of the insulation inside the door, preventing moisture from penetrating directly to the material.

Which hinges are better to use

Hinges are one of the important elements of the fittings, the quality of which determines not only the durability of the door leaf, but also the comfort from the daily use of the door. Squeak, extraneous noise when opening, sagging of the door, problems with closing - all this is a direct consequence of incorrectly selected and installed hinges.

Hiding the hinge significantly increases the final cost of the front door

According to GOST 5088-2005, metal entrance doors must be equipped with one of the following types of hinges:

  • simple hinges without bearing - they are not used for installing entrance doors to apartments and private houses due to their high wear resistance. In addition, over time, the door begins to creak and sag. Usually, they are used for the installation of doors to technical rooms and buildings of a similar type;
  • hinges with internal ball bearing - the classic version of the door hinge, consisting of two frame "wings". Between the steel fingers of the "wings" there is a ball that acts as a support. This element contributes to easier opening and closing of the door leaf, i.e. reduces friction between the hinge fingers;
  • hinge with bearing - inside the hinge cylinder there is a support-radial bearing, which minimizes the friction of the hinge fingers when the door leaf is moved. As a result, hinge wear is almost completely eliminated, even with a lack of lubrication inside the structure.

According to the method of installation, the hinges are divided into external and hidden. Both types are used to install entrance doors, but door leaves equipped with hidden door hinges are much more expensive. Due to the design of the hidden hinges and their fit into the door frame, there are several disadvantages that must be taken into account when installing the door.

For example, doors with hidden hinges reduce the door opening by about 5-7 cm. The standard door opening angle is 90about, therefore, when bringing large and bulky objects into the house, difficulties may arise. Internal hinges have a shoulder. During the opening, a force moment is created, which, if the door leaf is inaccurately moved, can lead to deformation of the door frame.

The outer hinges are practically devoid of disadvantages. The only thing is that they are located outside at the top and bottom of the door. This gives an attacker hassle-free access to them. However, most metal doors from branded manufacturers have hinges made of high-strength steel, which makes it much more difficult to cut them with a grinder or other power tool.

Features of locking mechanisms

Locks for metal doors are distinguished by a variety of designs, but when choosing a suitable locking mechanism, you should focus strictly on its quality of performance, the declared service life, strength and reliability in accordance with regulatory documents.

The manufacturer of the lock does not really matter. The main thing is to remember that the quality of the castle directly determines its value. The higher the class of resistance to burglary, the higher the cost of the lock. This is true for all well-known brand locks.

Mortise lock of the Guardian company 21.12 T with protection against burglary and drilling

Burglary resistance class of a lock is determined according to the following principle:

  • 1st class - break-in time ≈ 5 m;
  • Grade 2 - burglary time from 5 to 15 m;
  • Grade 3 - break-in time is more than 15 m;
  • Grade 4 - break-in time is more than 30 m.

The resistance class is determined according to GOST 5089-2003 and GOST 5089-2011. For example, the simplest lock from the Guardian company, the leader in the production of metal doors in the Russian Federation, has a 2nd class of stability. Most of the products of this manufacturer are of class 4.

The second important point when choosing a castle is secrecy. Many sellers deliberately mislead buyers that a lock, even with low secrecy, is almost impossible to break.

In fact, the secrecy of a lock is a collective concept that includes both the number of combinations, protection against burglary with a master key, reliability, and the likelihood of key coincidence. Choose only high security locks. This will give an additional guarantee that the product will not fail at the right time.

The last condition to consider when choosing a lock is the installation method and the type of locking mechanism. According to the method of installation, locks for metal doors are divided into mortise and overhead. The former are easy to install, but less resistant to burglary, because an attacker can get to the lock by cutting down the door trim.

Surface lock of "Guardian" firm 20.05 has 4 class of burglary resistance and a guarantee of 5 years

Overhead locks are more reliable, but require a strong door frame and reinforcement of its attachment point. After installation, the lock is located on the side of the apartment, which makes access to it impossible, but due to its installation technology, they are not used as often as mortise ones.

The types of locking mechanisms are divided into lever and cylinder. There is no fundamental difference from the point of view of the consumer. Both types of locks must be manufactured in accordance with GOST, which guarantees their high burglar resistance. For example, the same Guardian company has locks with both types of locking mechanisms.

Video: how to choose a lock for your front door

External control elements

The elements of external control mean the presence of special products and devices that allow you to monitor the territory or area near the front door. This will make it possible to verify the identity of the people to whom the owner of the home opens the door.

A video peephole for the front door is the best solution, especially if it is equipped with a Wi-Fi module for image transmission

The basic devices that should be the equipment of the front door of a private house include the following:

  • door peephole - it can be either an ordinary optical peephole or modern electronic eyes with a separate display, Wi-Fi module and a special application for a smartphone. The second devices are more preferable, but their cost is much higher;
  • surveillance camera - one or more video surveillance devices installed in front of the door or in the immediate vicinity of the porch of the house. This, as mentioned above, allows you to identify the identity of people and their number when they want to get to your house or come to visit.

If an ordinary peephole is used when installing the front door, it is strongly recommended to buy a product with armored protective glass. Otherwise, the peephole will be broken sooner or later.

When choosing outdoor surveillance cameras, it is not necessary to use professional equipment that is used to guard warehouses, specialized buildings and government agencies. If the house has the Internet, then you can use several IP cameras that will record what is happening directly to the hard disk of the computer. It's easier, more convenient and cheaper. In addition, you can install them yourself using just the user's manual that comes with the kit.

How the door frame and front door are attached

The installation of an entrance metal door is carried out according to the technology provided for by regulatory documents and by the manufacturer. Usually, most door manufacturers have their own installation instructions, which are attached to the door leaf with all additional elements.

The door frame of the entrance door is mounted in a pre-prepared doorway

To complete the work, you will need to prepare a grinder with a disc for metal, a small sledgehammer, a hammer with a comfortable handle, a drill with a set of drills, a screwdriver with a set of bits, a level, a square and a pencil. And you will also need polyurethane foam, fasteners and personal protective equipment. Installation work should be carried out by two people.

The general installation technology consists of the following stages:

  1. The old door leaf is removed and the door frame is dismantled using a grinder with a disc for metal. A sledgehammer is used if necessary.
  2. The doorway is cleaned of dirt, old plaster, protruding sections of bricks. If the size of the opening is insufficient, then it is expanded with an improvised tool and a grinder with a concrete disc.

    Fastening the door frame to the wall of the doorway is carried out using steel rods

  3. The new door frame is installed in the doorway and aligned with a plumb line or level. For fixing in the opening, small spacer wedges made of a wooden block are used.
  4. Mounting holes are drilled from the hinge side at the top, bottom and in the middle of the rack. For this, an electric drill with a victorious drill is used. The hole depth is at least 150 mm.
  5. The door leaf is fastened with fastening plates and pins, which are supplied in the kit. After that, it is necessary to hang the door and check the correct operation of the lock and the tightness of the closing.

    Installation of an entrance metal door should be carried out only with a partner, since the weight of the door leaf can reach 70-80 kg

  6. Further, the door leaf is removed and holes are prepared for fasteners from the bottom and top of the door. Fixing the box and checking the tightness of the clamp is carried out in the same way.
  7. To fill the gap between the opening and the box, polyurethane foam, thermal insulation materials and cement mortar are used. Slopes are plastered with an overlap on the box.

During the drying period of the plaster, be careful not to slam the door hard. After drying, you can clean the door frame from plaster influxes and carry out additional finishing. It should be noted that doors with a large weight may have some nuances in the installation technology. Therefore, if you are going to mount the door yourself, then carefully study the attached instructions before carrying out work.

Video: tips for installing an entrance metal door

Recommendations for choosing an entrance door

The choice of an entrance door should be considered based on the criteria that were described at the beginning of the material. First of all, the door is selected based on reliability and size. The concept of reliability includes both the materials of manufacture of the door leaf and its design, compliance with the applicable standards, burglary resistance, etc.

Further, the door is already selected based on the size and design. At the final stage, hinges and locking mechanisms are selected. Based on this, the final cost of the front door is formed.

Torex entrance doors are reliable, distinguished by high performance and excellent appearance.

Based on this, entrance metal doors can be ungrouped into the following segments:

  • economy - the price is from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. Many companies have line-ups in this price segment. Among the popular brands are Stealth doors, Harmony, Triumph, Valberg, etc .;
  • average - the price is from 12 to 20 thousand. In this group, the choice of manufacturers is not less than in the budget segment. Among the proven manufacturers are the products of Titan, Bravo, Maestro, Forpost, etc .;
  • premium - price from 20 thousand rubles or more. In fact, the premium segment is unlimited in value at all. Doors even for 40 thousand rubles are very different in quality from products for 70 thousand. Among the manufacturers we can mention the already mentioned Guardian, Torex, Jaguar, Dierre, Persona and many others.

If you choose a door without unnecessary frills with a long service life, we recommend that you consider buying a product from Torex. These are very high quality doors for a reasonable price. Before buying, read all available reviews for the selected door leaf on the Internet. This will allow you to avoid purchasing doors with a factory defect, which may appear during operation, but such cases are extremely rare.

Photo gallery: various options for entrance doors from various manufacturers

Video: TOREX Super Omega 10 front door review after installation

The topic of choosing doors is very extensive and requires careful study. Before buying, it is better not to rush - you need to carefully and thoroughly study all possible information and draw the right conclusions. This will help you not to run into unscrupulous sellers offering goods that do not fit your criteria.

Best Entrance Doors with Thermal Break

The best entry doors with thermal break in 2021 to buy. TOP - 10 best.

In Russia, winter can drag on for 5-6 months, and in some regions it never stops. Therefore, it is important to buy the right front door that will keep you warm even in extreme temperatures. There are hundreds of doors in stores that are produced by the best manufacturers or unknown companies. Often, users get lost in choosing such a product. To prevent this from happening, the editors of the website "" have prepared for you the Top Rating of the best entrance doors with a thermal break for 2021.

Photos of entrance doors to a private house, their types and characteristics

Modern industry produces many types of entrance doors from various materials. They differ in design, thermal conductivity, safety and price. Depending on the materials used in the manufacture, doors are divided into:

  • wooden
  • aluminum
  • plastic
  • steel
  • armored
  • fiberglass.

They all have their own characteristics and specifications.

Wooden front door will never lose its relevance

Wood doors

Wooden entrance doors are made of three main types:

  1. From solid wood of various species. Such a door consists entirely of wooden parts and does not contain any additional elements.
  2. From wooden panels, between which metal sheet elements are located.
  3. Panel board with insulation.

Wooden front door is beautifully combined with stained glass inserts

If each of these types has its own individual qualities, general advantages and disadvantages can be noted. All wooden doors have an attractive appearance. The variety of design solutions is very large, which allows you to choose a door made in almost any style. Well-processed wood is not subject to corrosion and deformation. Wood has a very low thermal conductivity, which made it possible for thousands of years to successfully use this material for the manufacture of entrance doors to a private house. A photo of wooden door structures of an elite class will not leave anyone indifferent.

Panoramic glass door in a wooden frame

They have wooden doors and some significant drawbacks. First of all, it is a low level of security. It is not difficult for thieves to break open a wooden door. Therefore, metal is often installed along with it. Low fire safety and high cost are also important factors.

Helpful advice! When choosing a wooden door to enter a private house, you need to pay attention that it is made of solid wood, and not of pressed shavings. Otherwise, after 2 - 3 years the door will have to be changed.

Metal entrance door with a wooden panel plate

Aluminum door constructions

Doors made of this metal have become very popular, as they have many advantages. Among them:

  • high strength and long service life. This metal is weakly corroded.
  • excellent sound and heat insulation performance
  • high class of environmental safety
  • the ability to create various decorative coatings on an aluminum base: electroplated or polymer of various colors
  • resistance to sudden changes in weather conditions.

As with any object, aluminum doors have their disadvantages: rather high cost, lack of manufacturing standards (made only to order according to individual sizes), complexity of installation and high weight.

Plastic doors

Such structures are made of PVC profiles and plastic sheet materials. Entrance doors are characterized by the presence of insulation between the sheets. Plastic doors can be either with or without a glass unit. This does not greatly affect thermal conductivity, since modern double-glazed windows have good thermal insulation properties. Of the positive qualities, it can be noted: relatively low cost, good sound insulation, ease of installation, absence of corrosion, durability. From the negative: instability to sunlight (material may fade over time), the possibility of deformation, the release of toxic substances when melted.

A reliable front door is a guarantee of the safety of your home

Helpful advice! When using a plastic outer door, the hinges must be lubricated periodically. Often in winter, due to thermal deformation, the doors are no longer locked. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the awnings.

Steel and armored doors

This type of door is the most demanded today. Steel doors can be considered the safest.Of course, there are different types of them with completely different indicators of strength, but in general they are all much stronger than other types of doors. These doors do not require a lot of maintenance, apart from the periodic lubrication of the hinges and locks. They have excellent thermal protection. You can choose absolutely any design of a steel door. They are budget and luxury, for general use and exclusive. Some photos of the entrance doors to a private house made of steel are striking in their sophistication and uniqueness. They have few drawbacks: susceptibility to corrosion in budget options (this problem may arise after a few years), scratches on the surface over time.

Bright yellow front door on the white facade of the house

A subtype of steel doors are armored. They have the highest safety class, as high-alloy steel with special additives is used in their manufacture. It cannot be cut with ordinary tools or shot from a firearm.

Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass is a modern composite material with very high strength characteristics. Moreover, it is very lightweight and does not change over time. Fiberglass doors are gaining popularity in the building materials market.

Glass inserts in the doors add light and expand the interior space of the house

Front door selection rules

In connection with all of the above, several criteria can be distinguished by which you need to choose the front door to the cottage. All of the factors listed below need to be thought about before shopping. It is important to weigh your capabilities and desires. So, there are several main criteria:

  • Metal thickness. Usually it is in the range of 0.8 - 4 millimeters. The smallest thickness suggests that the model is fragile and impractical. It can be easily cut with a regular can opener. Models with a thickness of 2 millimeters are considered more stable. They have not only good strength, but also light weight. For country houses, the best option is metal doors more than 2 millimeters thick.
  • Stiffening rib. They are mounted inside the canvas. Thanks to them, resistance to deformation is ensured. The more of these elements, the stronger the product.
  • Door hinges. They are external and hidden. The latter option is more durable, but rarely used.
  • Peephole.
  • Lock.
  • Sealant.

Having thought carefully about these criteria, you can choose a quality product that will delight you for many years.

Metal-plastic doors: features and benefits

If you need doors for a country house, then metal-plastic options will be an excellent alternative. Distinctive qualities here are strength, durability, aesthetic appearance, but the most important thing is that they can easily cope with the formation of ice and condensation.

It is a mistake to think that such doors are not reliable. The fact is that for the manufacture of PVC doors, a strong reinforced steel profile is used.

The installation of PVC doors should be carried out according to certain rules, only in this way the doors will perform their main function well. Such doors consist of a five-chamber profile, the thickness of which is not less than 70 mm. Plastic doors to the house can be reinforced in the form of a metal reinforcing frame, which is located along the inner perimeter of the frame. Corner fixings ensure frame rigidity. Powerful hinges with reliable burglar-proof mechanisms are also installed here. Before choosing the front door to a private house made of PVC, pay attention to how many cameras it has, ideally there should be at least five of them.

Plastic doors to the house are equipped with a frame with a metal frame, but the filler here is not a simple double-glazed unit, but triplex or, as it is called otherwise, armored glass. This ensures safety and protection against mechanical damage. It is better that entrance doors with glass do not have glazing for more than a third of the area of ​​the entire canvas. It is imperative that there is a rubber seal around the perimeter of the door, it is thanks to it that thermal insulation and waterproofing is provided.

Aluminum doors can be of two types: single-leaf and double-leaf. The advantages of such doors include excellent tightness, ease of installation and maintenance, the ability to choose various design solutions.

How to choose interior doors for a country house

Alina Petrichenko, the purchasing manager of the hypermarket chain for the repair and dacha OBI, told us about what needs to be paid first of all when buying interior doors for country houses.

When choosing doors for a summer residence, you need to focus not only on design, but also on functionality, durability and reliability of the materials from which the door leaf is made.

The main problems when installing a door in a country house: humidity, temperature drops and shrinkage of the house

In a country house, the doors will be subject to additional stress due to high humidity or, conversely, dry air and strong temperature differences. If you choose doors made of material without additional protection against moisture, after a couple of seasons the canvas is deformed, as a result of which the decorative layer may come off. Therefore, we advise you to give preference to doors made of moisture-resistant materials that are resistant to sudden changes in temperature.

Owners of newly built homes also need to consider factors such as building shrinkage. Due to the movement of the ground, the geometry and dimensions of the doorways change, as a result, the box can be skewed, the door will jam or even stop opening normally. Especially large shrinkage is given by wooden houses from a bar and log cabins: a 3-meter wall of logs can settle by 10 cm in a year. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to install a "window" on all doorways in new wooden houses - an additional structure in the form of a box.

Interior door material: stylish enamel

One of the main criteria for choosing doors for a country house is the material from which they are made. For such conditions, white doors with an enamel finish are suitable; they are available in both modern geometric design and classic style. The frame at such doors is made of pine, and thanks to the enamel coating, the canvas is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, has good thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties, is easy to clean and does not turn yellow over time. A universal option that will fit well into almost any interior of a country house is a classic model "Chester" from the new collection of doors in OBI. The kit includes a box, platbands, installed hinges and a lock, you just have to choose a handle.

Which doors are best to install in a wooden house?

Closer to nature: solid wood doors

For wooden houses, doors from an array of conifers will be an excellent solution. Natural wood is characterized by high strength and durability, it is a safe and environmentally friendly material that is not afraid of high humidity and insect pests. Popular models of wooden doors are sold unpainted, so they can easily fit into any interior by covering them with paint or varnish of a suitable shade. In the new collection, doors are presented as solid sheets of solid wood, for example the classic model "Elegy"and models in a modern style with glass inserts.

Features of MDF doors

MDF doors are covered with a protective film based on plastic, which does not allow moisture to pass through, is resistant to scratches and minor mechanical damage. They do not sag over time on the hinges from their own weight, and they are not "driven" by temperature and humidity changes in the house. Models of the series are popular Ferrata XV... The cladding uses a jointless coating method. The absence of joints between the edge and the front part significantly improves the performance of the door and eliminates the possibility of flaking of the edge or decorative coating. For this reason, experts do not recommend taking laminated doors for country houses: with a sharp temperature drop, the edge begins to recede.

PVC doors with 3D effect: what is their specialty?

Another option suitable for summer cottages is doors covered with PVC film, for example, from the series Glatum... Thanks to the coating with a 3D effect, imitating the texture and color of natural wood, they look very impressive. Polypropylene coated doors are not only resistant to external influences, but also have increased impact and abrasion resistance.

The key to a long service life of doors: hardware and hinges or is it worth saving on hinges?

An important factor that will subsequently affect the performance of any door is the correct and accurate installation of hinges, handles and locks. Many, in pursuit of economy, buy door leaves without fittings and even washed down with a lock and try to independently make complex technological holes in the canvas, which cannot be correctly performed without special equipment. This is the most time-consuming part in the process of door installation: if you allow even a slight inaccuracy when installing the fittings, over time the canvas can sag, and the lock tongue will stop falling into the hole of the striker. Almost all high-quality interior doors are sold with a lock and hinges already installed. This significantly reduces installation time and costs - even self-installation of a ready-made kit will take no more than 30 minutes.

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Features of heating a private house

Water heating systems are used, as a rule, for permanent residence outside the city in the winter, or if it is possible to install automation that will control and maintain the system's performance. Such heating can be:

  • forced circulation
  • with natural circulation. The main advantages in this case: work without electricity, no noise from the pump, ease of maintenance.

Warm floors are also very popular today. This is a heating system in which electric heating elements are placed in the floor. And even if the floor does not heat up above thirty degrees, due to the heating of a large area, a very comfortable temperature regime for living is achieved.

If visits to a country house occur periodically, then it is most advisable to give preference to air heating, which is carried out using infrared heaters and electric convectors.

If you are going to install a heating system in a private house, decide on the material of the pipes from which it will be created.

  • Galvanized pipes
    They are used more often in plumbing systems than in heating systems. They are able to last long enough due to the anti-corrosion zinc coating. For heating systems, it is best to use pipes made of black steel, since in addition to water, antifreeze will also flow in them.
  • Steel tubes
    They are able to withstand temperatures above sixty degrees and high pressure, have a low coefficient of linear expansion. However, their service life, as a rule, is not too long due to the appearance of rust and salt deposits inside such pipes.
  • Reinforced-plastic pipes
    They consist of two layers of polyethylene, an aluminum layer and two adhesive layers. Such products perfectly hold their shape and do not deform under the influence of high temperatures, but at the same time they have a certain flexibility. In addition, the high popularity of this type of pipes is due to their relatively low cost.
  • Plastic pipes
    Leaders in the field of materials for the creation of heating and water supply systems. This is due to their smoothness, high corrosion resistance and a high level of protection against stray currents. And the price for plastic products is quite low.
  • Copper pipes
    These are universal products that are suitable for absolutely any engineering communications. Experts appreciate them for ease of installation, non-susceptibility to corrosion, bacteriostaticity (inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus improving water quality), simple installation, ease of maintenance and aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, they cost a lot. However, if we consider that their service life is from fifty to one hundred years, then perhaps copper pipes are in some ways even an economical material.

Lattices on windows

More recently, one could see handicraft lattices installed on the windows of houses. This peculiar symbol of security protected the owners from the intrusion of "uninvited guests", but it was a very unaesthetic and rude element, often spoiling the facade of the building. Nowadays, the purpose of the window bars has not changed, but the appearance has undergone great changes. Today, forged lattices on the windows are able to confidently declare the respectability and taste of the owner. Craftsmen are ready to create real works of art that perfectly match and complement the exterior facade of the building. At the same time, as before, they are reliable and durable.

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